Single and Independent  

Single and independent

As a single individual relying on one income, it's especially important to consider your long-term security. Assurity Life can help you create a financial safety net with flexible plans that can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. If you're also a single parent, we can help ensure that your children are secure in the event something should happen to you.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is the foundation of a sound financial plan. If you have children or other family members who count on your support, it is a necessity. An Assurity representative can explain the various types of life insurance available. For example, our permanent life insurance plans not only offer protection in case of premature death, but also build cash values that can provide funds for future needs such as emergencies, education expenses, starting a business or a new career-even supplemental retirement income. Life insurance can provide funds for final expenses, including funeral costs, medical bills and other expenses that may follow a death.

Disability Income Coverage

Disability income insurance from Assurity Life protects your most valuable asset-your ability to earn a living. If you were disabled by an accident or serious illness and unable to work, it would probably mean a dramatic change in your lifestyle, perhaps even requiring someone to help care for you. Assurity's disability income coverage provides a monthly income to help pay your living expenses while you are disabled.

Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity Plans

Today, many people survive a serious illness, only to be faced with a difficult financial recovery. If you were stricken with a serious illness such as cancer, a heart attack or stroke, how would you manage your monthly bills, much less medical expenses and costs not covered by health insurance? Assurity's critical illness insurance pays a cash benefit at the first diagnosis of a covered condition, just when you need it most. This payment can help ease financial stress and allow you to focus on your first priority-your recovery.

Two types of health indemnity policies are available to provide benefits in addition to your other health insurance coverage: a basic plan for individuals with certain pre-existing conditions and/or limited funds for health insurance premiums or out-of-pocket costs; and a supplemental plan which can fill gaps in qualified high-deductible health plans and health savings accounts (HSAs).

Retirement Solutions

Planning for a secure retirement can be intimidating – but you don't have to go it alone. Assurity can assist you with retirement funding solutions to accumulate your nest egg, avoid outliving your money and reduce taxes

Single individuals have certain unique financial needs. Contact an Assurity representative about helping you create a game plan to secure your financial future.

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