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Achiev­ing growth through vibran­cy.

Focusing inward and creating an optimistic environment can pay dividends for business.

Vibrancy? How can a company be vibrant? It’s an unusual value to aspire to, we’ll admit. When you pause for a moment, you’ll probably realize you’ve seen vibrant businesses before. They’re the ones constantly evolving and growing, pushing for the next great thing and showing a true love for the work they do.

In nature, health and vibrancy closely intertwine. You see trees and plants stretching skyward, developing new shoots and bright green leaves – that’s vibrancy. It’s an indicator of good conditions, and a healthy planet; it works the same way in business. A vibrant company is one that doesn’t stay comfortably in the shade; instead, it’s always reaching for new goals and ways to better itself. Its ability to grow and thrive is a direct reflection of its health.

We can’t achieve vibrancy through complacency; we have to work toward it constantly. This is why vibrancy will always be an aspirational value for Assurity. It’s seeing what we can be, and pushing ourselves daily to make changes to get us there. It means encouraging our associates to deliver candid feedback and ideas, so they don’t fall into patterns of boredom and malaise. It means offering opportunities for employees to further their own education and leverage their passions.

Vibrancy builds on ideals – having a distinct and meaningful goal, like our mission of helping people through difficult times, makes it easier to see where we’re going and make plans for how to get there. Vibrancy also requires an honest and authentic perspective, the ability to truthfully analyze ourselves and accurately identify areas for growth and pruning.

Creating a vibrant culture takes effort. It takes people willing to improve themselves and the company they work for, and who don’t take success for granted. If embraced as an aspirational value, a vibrant culture can make a huge difference for your business. It can help build trust with your customers, improve the quality of employees’ work and drive growth on an organizational level. Vibrancy may not be the most obvious value for a company, but pushing to become better day after day and reaching for the sun in new ways helps us to create a flourishing future.